Rako RMT500 Dimmer

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Rako RML500 Dimmer £150.00 inc VAT
Rako RCP07-03 Double Wireless keypad (screw plate) £334.00 inc VAT

Rako RMT500 Dimmer

£150.00 inc VAT

The RMT500 in-line RF dimmer for GU10 LED lamps, tungsten, low-voltage halogen and other trailing edge dimmable loads.


A compact 500W RF dimmer designed to fit through a standard down-light cut-out. Trailing edge dimming technology gives smooth quiet dimming of electronic transformer fed loads and maximises dimming performance of most GU10 LED down-lights.  The dimmer is connected in-line before the first lighting fitting to enable dimming of up to 500W of trailing edge dimmable loads. Controlled from any Rako Rakom RF device, for example the RCP/RCM push button RF wall-plates.


RMT500 Datasheet

RMT500 Installation Manual


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