Fibaro Relay Switch

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Fibaro Blind/Curtain Controller £48.00 inc VAT
Fibaro 6 Lighting Zone Bundle £729.00 inc VAT

Fibaro Relay Switch

£48.00 inc VAT

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Remotely Controlled Double Relay Switch of FIBARO system is designed to operate in a wall switch box or in locations where the control of an electric device (up to 1.5kW) is needed. It is also possible to send a signal to any system that is to be integrated with Fibaro system.

Example scene: there are 3 lamps in a living room, each with separate switch. Target: associate 3 lamps so that switching one lamp ON or OFF switches all of them at
same time.

Fibaro Switch may be operated using the following control elements:

  • Any controller compatible with the system (e.g. Home Center controller)
  • A mobile phone (e.g. iPhone and phones from other manufacturers with appropriate software)
  • Tablet (such as iPad)
  • PC, using a web browser
  • Push-buttons connected to outputs S1 and S2
  • Service button B, located inside the housing (activates learn mode)


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